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My sweet chocolate hearth

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My sweet chocolate heart


Who says Valentines Day says ..... love and chocolate.

Chocolate is a mixture of sugar, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. The latter is made from the crushed seeds of and roasted fruits from the the cocoa tree. His name Cacahualt drifted from Nahuatl, the most widely spoken indigenous language in Mexico. Also known by its scientific name, Theobroma cacao, it is now grown all along the same latitude in America, in Africa and in the Indonesian archipelago. Capricious, the tree is threatened by disease and climate change. It is likely that in the coming decades, the chocolate industry, which in 2013 accounted for more than 90 billion, will be greatly affected, and the prices will skyrocket.

Pure cocoa has her bouquet mostly from a combination of these molecules: diméthylpirazine, vinyl methyl thiazol, cinnamaldehyde, theobromine, cyclotene, maltol and rotundone. This set gives it a profile said empyreumatic, the family flavor of burnt hints. It finds its place in recipes with siblings like chocolate, of course, but also caramel, coffee, toast, brown sugar, molasses and maple syrup.

Added to this list,  the holders of its molecular food affiliation are: jam, canned fruit, honey, candy apple, malt, soy sauce, hazelnut, walnut and licorice. In parallel scents we can sniff cedar, narcissus, tar, soot, smoke, and tobacco.

We ca find cocoa flavor in fortified red wines such as Maury, Banyuls, Tawny Port and Marsala. Some varieties also exhales it. This is the case of grenache, merlot, malbec, syrah, empranillo, terubego and white savagnin. The wines that had been aged in medium to high toasted barrels creates acetylpyrrole which also gives the same scent.

Milk chocolate was invented in 1875 by the swiss Daniel Peter has different nose. Contributing as in the cocoa, the dyméthylpyrazine brings his burnt notes, to which are added vanillin and isobutyl phenylacetate. Among the fragrances in connection, are included, of course cacao, like coffee, toast, walnuts and hazelnuts. But also differently, oak, oak moss, beeswax, cork and its buddy vanilla.

As for cocoa fortified red wines, Syrah and Merlot "chocolates", as do gamay, mourvedre, pinot noir and touriga nacional.


Lady Milk chocolate:

Morgon 2102, Jean Foillard and chicken with cardamom

Mourvedre ancient vines, 2012, Cline and smoked lamb with mole sauce with almonds

Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone 2013 Belle Gloss and duck a l'orangePinot Noir Clark &

Syrah 2013 Cusumano and cocoa crusted pork tenderloin

Touriga Nacional 2011, Quinta das Carvalhas and beef robata

Mr. Cocoa

Banyuls Hors d'Age, Domaine de Valcros and spice bread with cocoa sauce

The Custodian Grenache 2011 D'Arenberg and glazed ribs with black beer and cilantro

Merlot Corin 170 2007, Ghirardo and boar saddle infused with licorice

Tinto Pesquera, 2011, Ribera del Duero and Boileau deer, chocolate sauce

Happy chocolate Valentines day!